About 19X

NineteenX is YOUR
PPE Supplier

With our headquarters conveniently located in Jamaica, we are in close proximity to all of the Caribbean islands, as well as North and South America. We have representatives in Africa, Asia and Europe to serve all markets.

PO Box 4577, St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica

Tel: +1 (876) 470-2315

Who is NineteenX?​

We are a supplier of PPE that can be shipped globally. Our experience in Food and Energy Security gives us a unique expertise in sourcing and supplying valuable commodities. Our parent company, GulfCarib, Ltd, has extensive experience in food and energy. We saw the urgent need for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and knew we could use that expertise gained. Out of our concern for health security for all, Nineteen-X was formed.

Food security, energy security, and now, health security.

Covid-19 threatens all of us

Our Mission: Fighting Covid-19 with the best PPE Products

Our Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

  • Our Covid-19 Rapid Test Kit offers results in 15 minutes.
  • We provide numerous models of both disposal and reusable masks, gloves, gowns, sanitizers, sanitation sprays, disinfecting booths and are adding more products all the time.

About GulfCarib

GulfCarib, our parent company,  is dedicated to fulfilling Food & Energy Security around the globe. It’s Principals and Consultants, all experts in their fields, are award winning architects and engineers who deliver cutting edge solutions in agriculture, waste-to-energy and renewables. The use of these solutions and ‘best practices’ in agricultural techniques will ensure availability of products and also prevent spiking of food prices.

Our security is at stake. We want to help.

Contact Nineteen-X for product information, resources, and support.

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